Payments Processing

Leverage our expertise and proven payment systems to simplify and automate your entire payment cycle, end-to-end, merge disparate banking systems, mitigate risk, and significantly bolster your ability to handle transaction growth.

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Why Digiata?

Considerable Expertise

Our existing client solutions process more than a trillion-rand monthly and we’ve garnered considerable experience as a result

Payment Cycle

We have a deep understanding of the payment cycle, as well as the processes and integration challenges you might face


Our software toolsets are not only capable of creating an extensive payment processing solution, but will also support all bank statement file formats

Implementation Team

Gain access to a full-time implementation team who will ensure your needs are met


Workflow allows you to automatically escalate exceptions in the process or transactions

Automated Value Chain

Our solutions handle and automate the entire value chain – integration, reconciliation, reporting, etc.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Accelerate your payment process, improving customer experience
  • Eliminate manual dependencies, wasted resources and errors
  • Improve your process control and reporting
  • Accelerate your response time, as well as your ability to respond to incidents
  • Solve problems with your payment system before they occur
  • Automate the entire value chain, saving you time and money, while reducing risk
  • Integrate new processes or scale current ones with relative ease

Case Study

Payments and Collections Case Study

The Challenge An outsourced retail service provider, which services the large majority of the investment market in South Africa, was faced with a wide array of payment integrated challenges, including the need…

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