Yoga4Alex helps young people gain a sense of their own self-worth and develops an understanding that they are responsible for their own success and happiness. Students leave the program with a yoga teacher’s qualification, basic computer skills certificate as well as qualifications in teaching English speaking and reading, and conscious communications. These certifications are complemented with essential skills such as accountability, punctuality, teamwork and preparation.

During the year, students gain experience in being a paired reader with grade 2 and great 8 learners at schools in Alexandra, Johannesburg and teach 10 yoga classes during the year. Along with the computer skills they learn, most students save up to buy themselves a computer during the year. The program foregrounds teaching initiative: the students are allowed to make mistakes and supported in coming up with plan b, if plan a doesn’t work out. This instils creativity and lateral thinking.

The yoga training course is an ideal way to achieve a crucial mindset shift in these marginalised young people. All the youth are shifting their internal narrative and are taking the initiative to have a plan in place for further work or study when their contract comes to an end.