End-to-end onboarding, instant verification and KYC automation will grant your customers a quick, simple onboarding experience irrespective of the channel they choose, all of which will be integrated into a single ecosystem on your end. Our mobile offering leverages the latest functionality, to not only capture customers info in record time, but also ensure STP to core systems.

Why Digiata?

  • We’ve built a modular customer-centric ecosystem designed to automate the onboarding process for Retailers, Telcos, SMEs, and Financial Services organisations
  • Each module was built to be flexible, scalable and can be integrated into all core systems
  • We have intimate experience with leveraging third party data to accelerate time-to-market
  • Our solution includes mobile platforms, intelligent forms, third-party data comparison and core systems STP
  • Our mobile apps include the latest development in driving an instant experience: ID Scan and OCR, Facial Recognition, Geo-lock Location, and Real-time Contract Generation

Benefits for Your Business

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors with the preferred customer experience and make a lasting first impression
  • Increase sales force effectiveness
  • Drive operational efficiencies and STP
  • Ensure regulatory control
  • Eliminate Waste (Duplicated Capturing, Paper, Handovers etc)
  • Complete audit trail to track and measure work items
  • Real-time reporting to manage processes and people end-to-end
  • Improve process control through standardised SLA management
  • Reduce cost of ongoing process changes

Onboarding, Verification and KYC Automation Case Study

Creating an End-to-end, Automated Solution that Boosts Sales and Operational Capacity 20-fold.


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