Data Reconciliation, is not only about matching and control. The typical value chain requires extract from complex systems, data manipulation, exception handling and posting. Matching includes “many-to-1 scenarios or sometime complex “fuzzy” logic. Digiata has been helping clients not only solve complex reconciliation problems, our solutions are aimed at end-to-end process automation and STP. This combined effort of experience and software gives you the comfort of efficiencies and proper process control.

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Why Digiata?


Our solutions integrate into various ERP, Reconciliation and Core Banking Platforms


Import and convert data and reports from disparate systems automatically to the desired file format

Transactions Matching

Rich matching functionality to help you automatically match transactions or cater for different scenarios (many-to-1).

Automatically post matched and unmatched transactions to GL, target system or suspense accounts.

Escalate Exceptions

Workflow allows you to automatically escalate exceptions in the process or transactions


We have more than 15 years of experience assisting clients with automating their reconciliation process across various transaction flows or bank recon cycles

Easy Implementation

Our dedicated implementation team is not only skilled in complex reconciliation, we are subject matter experts in integration, process automation and workflow management

Benefits for Your Business

  • Significantly improve operational efficiencies across the entire value chain
  • Remove manual errors, reduce operational risk, and ensure complete accounting and validation
  • Eliminate waste by automating routine functions related not only to matching, but importing, manipulating and converting data
  • Reduce the time and turnaround to perform an end-to-end reconciliation
  • Every activity is time stamped, giving you an end-to-end audit trail
  • Automated reporting, alerts and notification enables the process to run itself

Case Study


The Challenge An international retail bank operating throughout Africa was experiencing significant delays in the reconciliation process, due to disparate file layouts and data sources, as well as timing mismatches from ATMs,…

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