Onboarding, Verification & KYC Automation

End-to-end onboarding, instant verification and KYC automation will grant your customers a quick, simple onboarding experience irrespective of the channel they choose, all of which will be integrated into a single ecosystem on your end. Our mobile offering leverages the latest functionality, to not only capture customers info in record time, but also ensure STP to core systems.

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Why Digiata?


We’ve built a modular customer-centric ecosystem designed to automate the onboarding process for Retailers, Telcos, SMEs, and Financial Services organisations


Each module was built to be flexible, scalable and can be integrated into all core systems


We have intimate experience with leveraging third party data to accelerate time-to-market

All inclusive

Our solution includes mobile platforms, intelligent forms, third-party data comparison and core systems STP

Latest Tech

Our mobile apps include the latest development in driving an instant experience: ID Scan and OCR, Facial Recognition, Geo-lock Location, and Real-time Contract Generation

Benefits for Your Business

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors with the preferred customer experience and make a lasting first impression
  • Increase sales force effectiveness
  • Drive operational efficiencies and STP
  • Ensure regulatory control
  • Eliminate Waste (Duplicated Capturing, Paper, Handovers etc)
  • Complete audit trail to track and measure work items
  • Real-time reporting to manage processes and people end-to-end
  • Improve process control through standardised SLA management
  • Reduce cost of ongoing process changes

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