The MDCS Skills Academy helps disabled learners progress from being trainees in the workplace to becoming fully-fledged employees. The workplace skills development program, consisting of eight modules, empowers learners to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to operate confidently as junior managers, and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment and changing world of work.

Upon completion, learners are capable of a range of business and workplace related activities, from coordinating with others, to junior management functions, to research and understanding the impact of current affairs on a business sector, to managing time and processes, to motivation and inducting new team members.

What our learners say:

MDCS gave me, a disabled learner, a chance to better myself in future and to learn more life skills. Finding myself in a way helping people with the MAD projects (community projects) has shown me that life is not all roses and that there are people out there that struggle more than me. I want to give back and help people. I thank you Digiata for this opportunity you gave me. I am so grateful that thank you seems so small because if it was not for you, I do not know where I would be today.

- Mandla Ximba

MDCS is giving us a chance to get educated and ready for the work environment by finding us sponsors to pay for our studies. I have learnt to manage myself and to communicate better. I understand the working environment. I know how to manage my time. My message is that I work hard and would like to be one of the employees that will be working at Digiata next year or in 2 years’ time. I am very interested in technology and I love to solve problems using technology.

- Koketso Makhutle

MDCS helped me to get back on track. I am from a special school and they are helping me that I can get my qualification like other children with no disabilities. I learnt to respect the time and respect everyone who are around me. I learnt to communicate better. Digiata I thank you for sponsoring me and giving me a second chance. God bless you. This means so much. I never would have had a chance to study if it was not for you.

- Gloria Sehalolo

Digiata’s commitment

Every year we sponsor nine learners at MDCS, and typically five are learners with disabilities. In addition to the training course fee, we pay the learners a monthly stipend for twelve months to support themselves during the course.