Youth unemployment has been linked to reduced material and mental well-being, reduced earning potential, and exclusion from employment and the economy across the rest of the person’s life. We want to reverse this trend and encourage a generation of confident, active citizens with optimistic life chances.

We believe that the best way to grow the South African economy is by developing better and more appropriate work and life skills for our young people. By addressing the skills mismatch we’ll do our part to support young, disadvantaged South Africans to become economically active, and allow them to support their families and wider community, ultimately resulting in a more equal society.

Our corporate social responsibility efforts centre on skills development for young people, with a specific focus on youth from underprivileged communities, women of colour, and people with disabilities.

Of course we do not forget about our own people and support them with their studies and upskilling to adapt to a constantly changing workplace and digital landscape.

Through the initiatives outlined below we have positively impacted the lives of 100 young people. We know there is still a long way to go, however, this is the start of an ongoing, expanding commitment to enable the youth of South Africa to improve their lives and opportunities.

We partner with a number of outstanding skills development organisations to leverage their efforts further.

Projects we support

We partner with Davis & Dean to give bursaries to 64 young people from Soweto, Johannesburg to complete a National...
The MDCS Skills Academy helps disabled learners progress from being trainees in the workplace to becoming fully-fledged...
Yoga4Alex helps young people gain a sense of their own self-worth and develops an understanding that they are...