The Challenge

A leading South African wealth management firm faced increasing difficulties with keeping track of work items allocated to its developers, using its antiquated paper-based solution. With their existing process requiring manual completion of forms, manual sign-off from the user’s manager, and manual allocation of work to available developers, the system had become unworkable due to the client’s quick expansion and growing staff complement.


The Solution

Digiata’s Mission Control solution was developed to assist the client with transforming their request logging system to a fully digital platform for document storage and workflow management. Users can now enter their request details and accompanying documents for approval in a single step. Once approved, the business integration manager can see which developers are available and can action the item immediately, before passing it on to a tester for quality control. These improvements to various checks and validation procedures ensure that information is passed more efficiently from one user to another, with the status of each job and a complete log of actions available to viewers in real time.

The Result

Operational efficiency was dramatically improved, with every stage of the development process benefitting from increased transparency and improved management oversight capabilities.

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