The Challenge

Investment managers for collective investment schemes (CIS) face several challenges when carrying out a key function: investment reporting. These include aligning multiple data sources, plus ensuring data accuracy and consistent data interpretation.

The asset consulting division of a major South African bank is responsible for the investment reporting to retirement fund trustees. Their existing reporting process was a manual process based on Excel spreadsheets and dependent on a team with specialised knowledge of the reporting process. User accuracy was required on every aspect of the report and the generation of each report took days to complete. The division engaged Digiata to help them to automate and optimise the reporting process.


The Solution

We identified that each of the primary steps in investment reporting can be automated and optimised.

The Digiata investment reporting solution significantly streamlined the reporting process for the asset consulting team, minimising the manual dependencies, and so reduced the risk of human error. In addition, the time required to generate each report was reduced from days to minutes. The asset consulting team now spends less time manipulating source data and generating reports and more time on analysis of the data, to produce actionable business insights.