The case for low code development platforms

Digiata is a preferred Linx implementation partner. Linx is a low code development platform and part of the Twenty57 product suite



Kyriba Expands Footprint in South-African Countries with Digiata Partnership

Kyriba, a global leader of cloud finance and IT solutions, today announced a partnership with Digiata, a leading software company in Johannesburg and Cape Town, specialising in financial services industry, to expand Kyriba’s operations in the South-African and Sub-Saharan...

08 June 2021


What keeps CFOs awake at night? 2020 Finance Operations Research Report

Find out why 85% of CFO’s we surveyed, identified automation of manual processes as their number one (obvious) area of improvement.

22 April 2020


Using the Nedbank API for payments

Around the world the Open Banking wave is building momentum. Digiata leapt at the chance to experiment and play with the newly-released Nedbank APIs.

11 April 2020


Digiata partners with Duco to offer best-of-breed data integrity solutions in South Africa

Digiata, who is already leading the way with over 25 Financial Services firms, is teaming up with Duco to deliver an automated solution to data integrity and reconciliation for the South African market.

19 March 2020


Digiata scoops three awards at Vitality supplier and partner awards

SA-based financial software and solutions specialist Digiata has won key awards at the 2019 Vitality Supplier & Partner Awards in London.

21 November 2019


An investigation into the applicability of Blockchain technology for Digiata’s clients

With the advent of blockchain technology and the architectural disruption it promises, Digiata has been approached on more than one occasion by our clients with an interest in applying blockchain - also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT) - to...

03 June 2019


The case for low code development platforms

Digiata is a preferred Linx implementation partner. Linx is a low code development platform and part of the Twenty57 product suite

06 February 2019


Pro-active data migration considerations

Digiata’s subject matter experts examine the practical considerations most often missed, or ignored, when migrating data, and look at how to avoid the typical pitfalls that can result in a migration deadline being delayed.

10 July 2018


Making virtual teams work for you

With the right parameters, people and processes, virtual teams can bolster productivity, bring new skills to an organisation, empower employees and cut costs.

26 March 2018


Cloud Computing for SMEs

A flagging economy, increasing investor uncertainty and plenty of other factors are placing increasing pressure on companies to up their game if they hope to weather the storm descending on the business landscape, not just locally, but across the world....

28 February 2018


How Processing Paper is Detrimental to Business

You’re concerned, and you’ve got every right to be. We’re facing tough economic conditions, and yet, neither your stakeholders nor your competitors are letting up. It’s affecting your bottom line, which leaves you only two choices:...

06 November 2017


What Does It Really Cost to Create a Million-dollar App?

Every now and then, a new app transforms the way people live, or how business is done. This software usually starts as nothing more than a great idea.

18 October 2017


Customer Migrations Sponsor Considerations

​As most companies look towards new technology platforms and solutions to deal with legacy challenges and enabling digital customer experience - customer impact, change and migrations should not be ignored.

12 October 2017


HTML5 vs Native

The debate around whether to build mobile applications in one or more of the native languages, or to use a cross-platform technology like HTML5 has been raging on for years. Should businesses bet on a clear winner like one would...

12 October 2015


Configuring and Supporting MongoDb in a Windows Production Environment

MongoDb is one of the biggest names in the NoSQL database space. But it isn’t well known within the South African Enterprise space. So, while Companies and Database Administrators loathe getting involved with projects that make use of it,...

15 December 2014


Automatically Deploying IIS Express with your Web-based Software

While many businesses use Microsoft’s IIS to host their websites, a Microsoft Server operating system with a full Internet Information Services (IIS) suite is not always necessary, and sometimes too complicated for the average user to configure.

10 December 2014


Corporate Responsibility - The Derelict

Having worked in corporate offices for years, I’ve picked up on an alarming situation plaguing our electricity supply. I call them ‘Derelicts’; the remnants of people’s positions, still hanging around long after someone has left an office.

07 December 2014


Mobile Banking Development

During this last decade or so with mobile banking, we’ve seen a major shift in focus with regards to how banking customers interact with their banks.

03 September 2014


Cloud Computing and its Potential for Software Development Companies

What is the cloud? How do I connect to the cloud? What can the cloud do for me? These are some of the questions asked by millions of people worldwide in an effort to understand the phenomenon that is cloud-based...

21 July 2014


The Power of Ingenuity

What exactly is ingenuity? It’s thinking differently, it’s innovating and, most importantly, it’s finding a simple, practical solution to complicated problems. We believe a little ingenuity can go a long way, and at Digiata we provide just...

22 May 2014

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