“Yes, Kyriba has allowed us to make decisions that we were not able to make easily before. We can quickly see where our cash sits. Previously, we had to log into multiple bank portals and download all our reports to see how much cash we had in each account, which was not an efficient way of operating.”

Financial Analyst, Large Enterprise Construction Company

“Excellent option to improve the visibility of the business to support decision making.”

Financial Analyst, Large Enterprise Consumer Products Company

“It is an excellent choice for SaaS treasury workstation tool. Easy to work with once you get it set up. All updates are done globally with little to no disruption to the end users. Customer service is excellent. Can’t say enough good things about Kyriba Social.”

Line of Business Manager, Large Information Services Company

“Best product in the market with risk management capabilities, always focused on improving functionality and customer service.”

Financial Analyst, Large Enterprise Chemicals Company

“Great tool to centralize and standardize processes.”

Financial Analyst, Large Enterprise Consumer Products Company