When I found out about WeThinkCode, I was like, “Oh, this is the perfect way to upskill myself as well as not having to pay for it”, I couldn’t afford to go back to school. So I thought this was a great opportunity in an industry that’s growing right now. My biggest highlight is group work. Sometimes you get very scared because everybody’s on a different level. I was a complete beginner, and then you have some people who have coded before, who studied computer science. But I’ve really liked the group work aspect of it. I was never one to ask for help. But the programme forces you to ask for help or else you will be left behind. I think it’s that self-pride; “Oh, what are people gonna think of me?” “Is this even a question that anybody would ever ask?” “Am I supposed to know this?” So I think that’s the one thing I learned, to ask other people for help, and to be vulnerable. And that’s how you learn to grow. That’s really how you succeed in the programme I am grateful to be a part of We Think Code through the sponsorship of Digiata. It’s not so often where one is given the opportunity to develop a skill at no cost and a skill that is highly sought as the world heads into the era of the 4IR. This experience has allowed me to meet individuals from various backgrounds and different viewpoints. We Think code has not only allowed me to grow in my technical skills but the peer-to-peer environment has also further developed my soft skills and boosted my ability to work with others.