My name is Gugu Zitha, and I am a student at WeThinkCode, and thanks to Digiata for sponsoring my studies. I have gained so many skills and confidence in System Development, and I must emphasise how passionate I am in this field and looking forward to learning more. This would not be possible without Digiata sponsors. I am very grateful for this opportunity and for making my dreams come true. I thought that with my experience and what I have learned previously that I knew so much. But it felt like I started from zero, so I’m learning a lot. It’s peer-to-peer learning, so we have to talk to each other so that you can get by, otherwise, you’re not going to know anything if you’re scared to ask. It’s been a journey. I’m growing and I’m happy with it because my coding experience today has grown. I’ve learned how to solve problems and I’ve learned how to be confident. I think I can be a tech guru in the next two or three years. So I’m very happy with WeThinkCode. I think it is the best place to be if you want to be a coder.