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For fast delivery & software solutions that work

With over 40 clients across many countries, we service the top echelon of the financial services sector, including most of the large asset managers and three of the top banks in South Africa.

Solving problems and staying curious since 2001

Since 2001, we’ve been helping organisations in the financial services industry automate, optimise and streamline their business processes. Our skilled teams deploy extensive expertise, deep domain experience and finely-honed implementation frameworks to create purpose-built solutions.

We are led by a dynamic leadership team and have been founder-managed since day one. Our flat business structure allows us to stay nimble and highly productive.

Our clients

Our people

We are immensely proud of our talented and committed team! We pride ourselves in developing exceptional individuals. Our people are dedicated individuals that embrace technology in every sense. They look at challenges through a different lens to better understand and address them.

What we do

We build software solutions with our clients that solve real business problems faster. Our business and reputation is built on hard work, real commitment, smart ideas, integrity and quality delivery. Always. And all the time.

Data migration

Payment processing


Data warehousing and reporting

Process automation and integration

Business applications

Our primary stack

Low-code / No-code
Business Intelligence

How we work

Be mobile & flexible

While teams are mostly required to work on site in order to build the client relationship and develop the best solution, we take our company culture with us wherever we go.

Follow best practices

We carry out every project in alignment with best practice patterns. These include: source control, auditing and tracking, testing, documentation and time-keeping.

Keep teams agile

Projects are carried out by small, self-contained teams of 3-5 people led by an experienced Senior Manager. Projects vary in length from one to six months.

Work smart

We like to break up work into smaller pieces to better focus and achieve continuous progress.

Promote autonomy

Teams operate autonomously and are responsible for making the tactical and operational decisions required to complete the project as best they see fit.

Project roles

There are 4 primary project roles which constitute our teams. No matter which role you start in, anyone who works hard and is willing to learn can work their way up to senior positions via a clear development path. As you grow, you’ll be exposed to different sides of the business, and regular personal development reviews will help us to identify and rectify any gaps in your experience. This ensures you get the training you need to progress as quickly as possible.

Digiata doing good

In line with our passion for developing people and their skills, our corporate social responsibility efforts centre around skills development for young people, with a specific focus on youth from underprivileged communities, women of colour, and people with disabilities. We even have our own foundation!



CodeSpace Academy is a global education institution that specialises in teaching coding and technology skills. CodeSpace gives students the software development skills they need to thrive in the tech industry and business, making them more employable.


MDCS Skills Academy

We help disabled learners progress from being trainees in the workplace to becoming fully-fledged employees. The workplace skills development program consisting of eight modules to empower learners to operate confidently as junior managers.



Yoga4Alex students leave the program with a yoga teacher’s qualification, basic computer skills certificate, and a qualification in teaching English and conscious communications. Additional skills include accountability, punctuality, teamwork and preparation.

How we celebrate

How we handle failure

  • We reflect on what worked and what didn’t
  • We eagerly point out what went wrong, without blaming and shaming
  • We’re curious, even when things go wrong. You can’t be curious and angry at the same time
  • When we notice something isn’t working, we speak about it directly and with kindness
  • We always improve and refactor