The Challenge

Traditional banks around the world are facing significant pressure from their customers to match the innovative financial services that digital and neo banks offer.

Legacy IT infrastructure is not agile and flexible enough to build the digital services their customers want today. Traditional banks need to migrate from legacy to new technology platforms in order to remain competitive.

Digiata’s customer, a tier one banking financial services company headquartered in South Africa and operating in more than 16 countries across Africa, embarked on a project to replace multiple existing core banking platforms with a new leading core banking platform to support the bank’s pan-African strategic ambitions.

The bank appointed Digiata as its migration partner. Digiata was part of the team that was responsible for the planning, migrating, and reconciling the data from source to target.


The Solution

As banks migrate from legacy to modern IT infrastructure, data migration is a critical success factor in driving future innovation. Digiata set out to deliver a successful migration solution that was: On time

Within budget



All the while, keeping stakeholders informed in real-time.

Digiata offered the bank the best of both worlds. First, a comprehensive data migration framework based on two decades of experience. The framework was customised to meet the company’s specific requirements. This included understanding how the bank’s source and target platforms work, as well as the relationship between the data and the business processes. The Digiata team also worked closely with the target platform vendor and the bank’s in-house experts to define a comprehensive data migration plan.


Technology Used

IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.5
Oracle 11g
Microsoft SQL Server
Twenty57’s LINX and STADIUM

Full Case Study

Case Study


The Results

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Digiata’s multi-country, multi-source data migration solution gave the bank an end-to-end automated migration and reconciliation process. It was flexible enough to allow for the customisation required to deliver on the bank’s specific strategic goals, on time and within budget. This successful migration helped the bank achieve its target of moving to a single core banking services infrastructure across Africa with minimal disruption.

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