The Challenge

While many data migrations are one-off, big bang affairs, sometimes they need to happen on an ongoing basis. This is especially true of critical, time sensitive processes such as AML compliance.

Digiata’s customer, a tier one banking financial services company, tapped into Digiata’s data migration expertise and experience to support the migration of millions of records every day to meet its AML obligations. The client needed a unified approach that was flexible enough to deal with data in different formats from various sources spanning multiple countries. Digiata, as the appointed migration partner, was responsible for implementing a solution that would migrate and standardise data from various sources, quickly and efficiently, into NICE Actimize, the client’s chosen centralised AML platform.


The Solution

Digiata offered the bank the best of both worlds. First, a comprehensive data migration framework based on two decades of experience.

The framework was customised to meet the company’s specific requirements. This included understanding how the bank’s source and target platforms work, as well as the relationship between the data and the business processes. The Digiata team also worked closely with the target platform vendor and the bank’s in-house experts to define a comprehensive data migration plan.

Further, Digiata’s commitment to support data migration from any source, to any target, any way made incorporating the client’s preferred technology a straightforward matter.

With a project this large, spanning many disparate source systems, there was the risk of ending up with a series of systems that have to be custom-fitted for each source country. This could eventually result in multiple systems having their own way of working and unique challenges.


Technology Used

Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)

Full Case Study

Full case study


The Results

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Digiata’s client has reduced its risk around AML compliance across the countries it operates in. The bank is confident it is meeting national AML requirements in an accurate and timely way, and has also reduced risk by centralising and standardising the process. This gives it more control and transparency at group level, as well as increased efficiency and economies of scale. Additionally, Digiata’s metadata-driven approach is easy to maintain and support across all countries.

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