The Challenge

Today banks and other financial services institutions have to carefully balance the drive to switch on new channels and get customers enabled speedily, with a range of competing factors. These include retaining and growing existing customers, meeting financial targets in a tough economic climate, and defending their market share from a growing universe of competitors. The key challenge for the bank was to enable its employees to deliver remarkable experience to business banking customers. Bringing efficiency to a manual, cumbersome process in order to minimise errors and maximise output. Specifically, the bank’s legacy sales cycle required large amounts of pre-work, as well as intensive pricing negotiations in a highly competitive market. Documents were being hand-written, and due to human error, essential information was frequently omitted, further delaying the process. Once the documents were ready, members of the sales team then had to travel to the client to complete the onboarding process. This was not sustainable, future-proof or competitive. Nor did it demonstrate that the bank was customer-centric and innovative.


The Solution

The bank’s corporate and business banking onboarding team partnered and worked closely with Digiata to enable its employees to deliver a remarkable experience to its customers.

This was achieved through a technology platform that:

- Makes all active customer interactions and activities visible to the relevant sales and service team.

- Manages and orchestrates those interactions across structured process steps and across business functions and departments.

- Automates process steps with intelligent data integration, electronic pre-populated forms, embedded business rules, verification integration, auto allocation, active process monitoring and escalation

- Readily provides all documents and information relating to the customer and task including legal and compliance checks.

- Provides process management with performance monitoring, business insight and ability to direct activities appropriately.

- Interacts with customers directly for collection of information and signatures, and provides regular automated feedback.

- Allows for rapid application development and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.


Technology Used



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The Results

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The platform has grown to manage and orchestrate all client service requests, including onboarding new and existing clients to new products, as well as managing and implementing changes requested by corporate clients to existing services and products.

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