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Software Development

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Software development is a necessity if your business requires a unique software solution to solve your business problem. Software is critical to the daily operation of most businesses. IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of a business are required more than ever before, not only to maintain competitive advantage, but simply to remain operationally viable.

We create customised software solutions for businesses. Our team of analysts, engineers and technology experts have over 10 years of software development experience in creating software solutions for the financial industry. Our solutions are used every day by leading companies that rely on technology for their daily business processes and operational success.

We build software using agile development methodologies. This means that you get working software and a great deal of flexibility from day one. We can rapidly design, implement and deploy software solutions that are based on measurable business value, while maintaining transparency around project costs and timelines.

We use unit testing, acceptance testing and a robust quality assurance (QA) process, to ensure that the software solutions we deliver are both effective and fail-safe.

We devote a full-time team to any software development project that you may request from us, to ensure its success.

Find out how we solve our clients’ business problems through our software development solutions. To see how we can assist your business with our software solutions, contact us today.

How we solved this problem

Fidusys Software Development

Fidusys software is an online management tool for fiduciaries.

BankRecon Software Development

Bankrecon software is a large scale bank reconciliations system.

Linx Software Development

Linx software is a drag and drop programming tool used for integrating systems and automating processes.

Stadium Software Development

Stadium software is a drag and drop website builder used to quickly build data intensive web applications.

Finswitch Software Development

Finswitch software is a transaction switch for the collective investment industry.

Deposit Allocation Software Development

This software system allocates deposits received to GL accounts and forwards relevant data to interested parties and systems.

Account Verification Software Development

This software system is used to verify with respective banks that account details supplied by customers are correct.

U2 Software Development

U2 software is a high volume document management system, used to import & categorise large volumes of documents using predefined rules.

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