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Migrations & Conversions

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Migration and conversion solutions are frequently necessary for today’s businesses which are not only growing but want to operate efficiently too. As businesses change and grow, the technology supporting them evolves accordingly. The ability to nimbly adapt to emerging business needs becomes more important, especially as business becomes more reliant on technology. Evolving and updating integrated technology, while sustaining operational capacity, is difficult.

We provide technical solutions to system migration and data conversion business needs. We’ve been creating and managing digital solutions for over 10 years, and have the expertise to effectively manage new software implementations, data conversions, updates and system migrations, without compromising business operations.

Our data migration expertise, tools and methodology are proven to minimise the risks associated with data migrations. Our solutions ensure business continuity and minimal impact to business operations during migrations.

We devote a full-time team to any data migration and conversion project that you may request from us, to ensure its success.

We offer focused migration and conversion solutions which are tailored to your business needs. Discover how we solved our client’s core banking platform problem here. To find out how we can assist your business, please contact us.

How we solved this problem

Data Migration

Our data migration expertise, tools and methodology are proven to minimise the risks associated with data migrations. Our solution for a large multinational corporation, spread across Africa, ensured business continuity and minimal impact to business operations during migrations.

We took advantage of data migration best practices, allowing our customer to:

  • Migrate data in phases or using a “big bang” approach.
  • Seamlessly extract data from various sources and load it into a staging environment.
  • Profile the quality of the data prior to migration.
  • Transform data to meet the target system requirements.
  • Audit and log changes to data, as well as errors and exceptions during migrations.
  • Generate automated reporting for business decisions.
  • Perform data reconciliation between the source and target systems.

Our data migration solution resulted in customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased productivity. We took the hassle out of our client’s data migration, allowing them to focus on the core operations of their business instead.

Design Base Backlift

We solved our client’s business problem through an effective migration and conversion solution. Our client had multiple document management systems running at their respective power plants across South Africa. They started up a project to remove all these legacy document managements systems, and place all these documents onto a single platform. This would make finding similar documents across power plants easier, as well as simplifying management from a central position, as all documents would be online and properly structured.

Digiata was approached to help convert all legacy document management systems, as well as shared drive data, to their new centralised structured document management system. This process involved going through a document enrichment process to extract additional information from the documents, which was required for the document to be loaded into the new structured document management system.

Digiata utilised U2 to provide document OCR-ing, and a rules-based engine to help extract and order the required additional information from the old system data.

By helping to automate the structuring and loading processes, Digiata saved many manual capturing hours, in their conversion effort to the new system.

From-Pay Conversion

We solved our client’s business problem through an innovative conversion solution. We made use of the From-Pay Conversion application to solve this problem. This application takes input files provided by employers and containing monthly contributions by their employees, and converts the contents into a text file that is imported by our client’s external processing system for allocations.

Since there is a large amount of employers for each of the funds administered, considerable time is saved with this solution that runs on Linx. The processes involved also perform error validation on the files’ contents and so ensure that obvious problems (such as missing amounts or gender-title mismatches) are picked up quickly.

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