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We create software and IT solutions that help businesses increase efficiency, reduce risk and easily scale.

Software Development

We create customised software solutions for businesses. Our team of analysts, engineers and technology experts have over 10 years of experience in creating digital solutions for the financial industry. Our solutions are used every day by leading companies that rely on technology for their daily business processes and operational success.

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Integration and Automation System Software

We have extensive experience in the automation and integration of business processes and systems. The evolution of business and technology has resulted in many different systems, data sources, formats and API’s. Bringing all of these together into a single integrated system is complex, but the resulting efficiency, cost reduction and risk mitigation are invaluable.

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Payments Processing & Reconciliations

We provide solutions for managing daily banking, cash reconciliation, transaction reconciliation and related services, such as bank account holder verification and general ledger reconciliation. Our existing client solutions process billions of Rands daily in banking transactions.

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Process Management & Workflow Optimisation

We implement human driven workflow solutions that integrate with back office systems. By focusing on easy exception recovery and task automation wherever possible, our solutions get the right work to the right person, right on time, which results in increased efficiency and reduced risk for your business.

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Migrations & Conversions

We provide technical solutions to migration and conversion business needs. We’ve been creating and managing digital solutions for over 10 years, and have the expertise to effectively manage new software implementations, data conversions, updates and system migrations, without compromising business operations.

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Mobile Development

We develop customised mobile software solutions for platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We use our agile development methodologies to create mobile business solutions rapidly and efficiently, keeping costs and timelines visible and to a minimum at all times.

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