The Challenge

A large financial institution, based in South Africa but operating in more than 16 countries, requested Digiata’s assistance to help replace their existing banking platform with a new core banking system, to integrate and standardise their systems across the African continent. The client also required a data reconciliation solution to guarantee the accuracy, integrity, consistency, validity and completeness of the migrated data.


The Solution

Digiata created a hybrid data-migration solution that integrated the data dictionary, extraction, cleansing, transformation and loading processes into one efficient operation. The new solution was able to cater for country-specific requirements and is flexible enough to handle both a “big bang” or gradual, phased migration approach.


Technology Used

• IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.5
• Oracle 11g
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005
• Stadium

The results

A successful data migration across 10 African countries, with minimal disruption to business operations. Agility and responsiveness to customers’ local requirements was increased, while overall project overheads were reduced.