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Process Management Through Forms Systems Integration IT Solution

Business Overview

Momentum Retirement Administrators required a systems integration IT solution to aid in their process management. As the fourth largest retirement fund administrator in South Africa, they provide administration and investment accounting services to a number of retirement funds, they have more than 444 000 members and assets worth more than R116 billion under administration.

One of the Momentum’s core functions revolves around managing correspondence, to this end efficient process management is essential. Firstly, outgoing correspondence; the sending out of letters and forms for completion by members. After this, the next function is the processing of returned forms, along with any other forms of documentation sent to the client for storage. Lastly, these documents will be stored on a centralised document storage system specifically created for incoming correspondence.

The Challenge

One of the core requirements presented by the client entailed the provision of a process management solution enabling them to generate hundreds of letters a day, which would then be sent out to members via email.

The process management solution required the printing and processing of incoming scanned documents through the differentiation of forms and non-forms. Lastly, the solution would have to store all created and processed documents on a server, ensuring they are available 24 hours a day.

Since Digiata is a partner of the Twenty57 development group, the process management solution incorporates four products from its core suite; Linx, Stadium, Formz and ImageStore, to facilitate all the aspects of the requirements.

The Solution

The approach taken to address the implementation of outgoing correspondence involved the following steps:

While the process management of incoming correspondence is multifaceted, the focus was on the following:

The Results

The implementation of the solution by Digiata provided the following advantages to the client:

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