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Fund Management IT Solutions

Fund Management IT Solution


The aim of an implemented fund management IT solution is to provide a platform for the validation of daily and monthly asset manager valuations for a variety of funds. As an additional objective, the solution needs to export the verified information to the client’s back-end system.

The setup in question encompasses a manager-of-managers approach where a selection of funds invests in a range of other funds, managed by asset managers. By incorporating a selection of Twenty57 software products, the management of these diversified funds is significantly simplified.

The Challenge

Since data files are sourced from a variety of portfolio managers, each with their own file formats, the main challenge involved extracting data elements from the reports sent via email, and confirming that all data entries were accounted for. This was achieved by comparing the portfolio total on the file in question with the sum of all instrument values imported. These two values had to match and any discrepancies were swiftly investigated.

The Solution

The fund management software solution offered by Digiata included the following elements:

• Importing of portfolio reports from emails sent by asset managers to an email address reserved for the fund in question.

• Performing validation checks on all files extracted, including checking file extensions and keywords in file headings.

• Extracting data entries from files based on rules and checks setup in Linx processes.

• Applying data confirmation checks which include comparing calculated market values (manager provided holdings multiplied by market prices sourced from INET) with amounts from the asset manager.

• Providing all processed information to users on a Stadium front-end where portfolios are finalised and exported to the client’s back-end system for further processing.

The Results

Managing a variety of funds can be a daunting exercise especially if the information source is diversified. By incorporating this solution into their daily and monthly reconciliation activities, the client managed to cut down on the time required to interrogate the variety of files received from asset managers. Instead, the client relies on Digiata’s trusted expertise in providing verified information in an elegant front-end presentation for scrutinising highlighted portfolios and instruments that require attention before the verified information is exported.

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