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Core Banking Data Migration IT Solution


Our client, although based in South Africa, has ongoing operations in more than 16 African countries. They had aspirations of replacing their existing multiple core banking platforms with a single, standardised solution, i.e. a new core banking system across their entire African footprint.

This new system would not only improve overall service quality to their existing customers, but also create an opportunity to attract new customers.

They bargained on the new banking system giving the bank a competitive advantage while improving their corporate performance and, as such, its success was imperative to the organisation’s future forecasts.

The adoption of this new system required that their data be migrated from the disparate legacy systems to the new platform. Digiata was chosen as the preferred partner to migrate all data successfully and provide a custom reconciliation solution.

The Challenges

The data migration and reconciliation solution would have to guarantee minimal disruption to the business and ensure business continuity after the migration.

Key to the challenge was gaining a thorough understanding of how the source and target systems worked, as well as the relationship between the data and the business processes.

Yet another challenge was that the business wanted to realise their investment by using their existing ETL tool to facilitate the migration of data between their source and target systems. (ETL refers to a process in database usage that extracts data from outside sources, transforms it to fit operational needs, and then loads it into the end target).

The Solution

With all this in mind, we got to work. In order to bridge the gap between the old and the new system, we provided the necessary expertise and resources to understand both their business process and the technical requirement of the project, all while working in partnership with the target-system vendor and the bank’s in-house experts.

To meet the objective of utilising their existing ETL tool, a hybrid solution had to be adopted. This dual approach meant that we could tend to both the data migration and reconciliation challenges within a shorter time frame, than if they were tackled separately.

Data Migration Solution

The data migration solution was based on a hybrid of ETL and data repository tools (including IBM InfoSphere DataStage 8.5, Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Digiata’s Linx and Stadium integration tools) to complement their existing tools.

The hybrid solution was used to provide the data dictionary, extraction, cleansing, transformation and loading capability required to successfully migrate all the data to the new banking platform. Additionally, in order to cater for country-specific requirements, the solution was designed to handle a big-bang once-off migration or a phased migration approach.

Data Reconciliation Solution

The bank also required a data reconciliation solution to guarantee the accuracy, integrity, consistency, validity and completeness of the migrated data.

Our solution was entirely based on Linx and Stadium.

The Results

In the end, our expert team ensured that we delivered well on time and within the allocated budget, while our client was thrilled to have a tailored solution that meets their expectations and resulted in an almost effortless transition for their customers.

We are extremely proud to have played such an integral part in the bank’s successful core banking migration programme.

Core Banking: Services provided by group of networked bank branches, allowing customers to access their funds and other transactions.

ETL: A process that involves extracting data from outside data sources, transforming it to fit the target requirements and loading it into the target system.

Reconciliation: An automated web-based comparison and reporting tool of the source and target systems’ data during and after the migration.

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