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Business Process Automation IT Solution


Our client a leading Banking Group in South Africa was encumbered by manual, repetitive tasks that were taking up a lot of valuable time. Tedious, everyday activities like manual billing, the collation of monthly reports from various sources within the organisation, manual reconciliations and sending information through multiple approvals, were resulting in countless hours of unproductive “downtime” every month.

The client approached us to help them automate these manual tasks, and ultimately reduce overheads, add consistency to processes and free-up their valuable time. This is where business process automation comes in.


We first had to define the manual business processes before we could suggest ways to automate them.

The client requested that we add in any manual steps they wished to retain, with an interface that would allow them to authorise steps along the way. They also needed to be able to specify certain thresholds that would cause the automated processes to stop when manual intervention is required.

Our new automated system had to include features that would compile their monthly billings, collate the monthly reports (with input from various sources), as well as handle reconciliations and the distribution of information to relevant parties.


The solution took shape in a number of stages.

The first stage was to hold the pricing data for the client and, once all the data was in the system, screens and processes were built to allow the pricing to be updated annually or on an ad hoc basis.

The second stage involved the importing of the monthly volumes files. These were then matched to the pricing data in the system and collated into single or multiple billing line items (depending on client requirements).

In the third stage, we installed a front-end screen where users could do a visual check of the data and authorise the billing.

In the fourth stage we programmed the system to produce the billing file. This file could then be uploaded into various banking systems, or automatically interfaced into the company’s automated billing system. General Ledger (GL) files could now be produced and imported into the business’s GL system to automatically generate GL entries.

Finally, we added production of payment advices or invoices; these can be automatically emailed to clients or sent to an internal department for distribution.


An experienced Digiata team helped map the client’s manual processes and designed an automated solution to handle these processes.

The new automated system allows our client to drastically cut down on the time employees spend issuing a billing; this frees up important resources and removes unwanted manual overheads. The added reliability and consistency of the outputs the new system produces greatly facilitates ease of tracking and produces a truthful Audit Trail for all transactions.

Ultimately, the built-in validations ensure that data outputs are complete and correct, and offer the client a transparent view of the process from start to finish.

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