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Banking CRM Management System

Banking CRM management System

The CRM management system – created for the wealth management division of a leading bank – is specifically designed to manage all communication between relationship managers and their respective clients. The functionality delivered by the CRM management system allows client data, client relationships and client balances to be uploaded on a daily basis from various sources such as E-cubed, Baobab, Stockbroking and Elite Wealth. The system then allows the relationship manager to maintain client details and relationship information from the front end.

All data is loaded on a daily basis and the historical balances are also stored in the system. The data loaded contains details about the entity’s contact, address, additional fields and personal details. This is extracted from different sources and loaded into the CRM management system to be viewed on Stadium screens. The system also validates all data imports daily and provides exceptions to the user in a report.

The CRM management system enables the relationship managers to manage their entities and build their relationship trees. Additional functionality allows notes and reminders to be added with regard to the client, while attachments and media can also be uploaded to the system. The application also allows relationship managers to invite clients to events, set up meetings and send out email communications from the front end.

Benefits to the Client:

1. Tracking of all communication with clients.

2. Personal family tree per entity with all relationships to manage client risk.

3. Single view of client balances and cumulative balance to judge risk.

4. Electronic storage of client documentation.

5. Client event management

6. Meeting setup and management

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