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Systems Analyst (Junior)

We are looking for exceptional people to join our Digiata teams in;

Our systems analysts are solution implementation specialists, responsible for interfacing with clients, understanding their needs and configuring software solutions to meet them.

You will be involved in delivering projects to clients from information gathering, working with a team in designing solutions, solution configuration, system testing, user training, continuous improvement and support.

It is a technical and practical role and will require you to;

Typical daily Tasks performed by a systems analyst at Digiata are;

You should be;

Our work is satisfying and challenging. And we are stimulated and get excited when we:

We will train, help, assist and develop you to best perform your work and develop professionally. You will be trained and mentored at Digiata with:

You will be expected to make judgement calls, show responsibility and act professionally. Characteristics and attitudes that we value are;

Location and working hours

Desired Skills


At Digiata we have different roles that typically distinguishes seniority, experience and mostly responsibility. We refer to these roles as Junior, Mid-level and Senior Analysts

Desired Experience (per role)

Additional Responsibilities (per role)

Salary (per role)

Challenging & dynamic work

We solve some of the industry's most complex problems and we thrive on that challenge.

Competitive Remuneration

We only work with the best and offer substantial advantages accordingly.

Opportunities for Career Growth

We believe in helping our employees grow and develop their skills with regular reviews and mentorship opportunities.