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Software Developers (Junior, Mid-level, Senior)

Job Description

Help us build great software. Use .Net, MVC, SqlServer, MongoDb, Xamarin, Javascript and Html5 to build our products. Experiment with whatever-you-can-think-of and apply it where it makes sense. Have the freedom to come up with great ideas and see it implemented.

You will:

Your team:

We have:

We don’t have:

Skills & Requirements

We are interested in you whether you are fresh out of university or spent 20 years at NASA.


Key Requirement Indicators

Bonus Skills

Salary and Benefits

About Digiata

What do we do?

We build software ranging from development tools to reconciliation engines. Our clients are mostly large financial services companies with complex businesses and serious security and scaling concerns.

Who are we?

Our people are friendly, helpful and smart with interests from surfing to nuclear physics. Some are quiet, some are loud and some are downright weird.

How do we do it?

We work in small teams using an iterative development process that is continually evolving to suit our needs. Code reviews, automated builds and unit tests are all part of the routine. Our infrastructure runs on AWS and Azure.

Challenging & dynamic work

We solve some of the industry's most complex problems and we thrive on that challenge.

Competitive Remuneration

We only work with the best and offer substantial advantages accordingly.

Opportunities for Career Growth

We believe in helping our employees grow and develop their skills with regular reviews and mentorship opportunities.